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Paediatric Protocols for Malaysian Hospitals Second Edition

7 April 2010

Foreword to Second Edition

In 2005, we managed to produce the first edition of a national protocol book for paediatric services in Malaysia. They were many teething problems and the final product had to be temporarily withdrawn due to errors in tables and flow charts. In addition there were mistakes in drug dosing and grammar due to translational errors when symbols were used. Unfortunately we managed to create an erratum section at no extra cost and the mistakes were corrected in the soft copies before the CDs were produced.

Despite these initial setbacks the protocol book has gained wide acceptance within the paediatric fraternity locally and in neighbouring countries. The positive feedback we received has spurned us on to produce a new edition. However this time we have recruited new blood into the editorial board to make the presentation more attractive while avoiding the mistakes of the past.

The number of contributors has increased as has the number of chapters. We have incorporated adolescent and end of life issues and merged some chapters. However we have managed to create a smaller book which can fit into the laboratory coat of doctors and medical students.

Prof Frank Shann has once again provided us a copy of the latest edition of his world famous drug dosages book for free and this will definitely add utility to the final product.

This new edition like its predecessor is the result of team work involving many busy individuals who have none the less found time to meet our printing dateline. The ministry of Health has again provided the funding for production making free distribution possible. We would like to record our gratitude to all concerned.

Once again we dedicate this book to the children of Malaysia.

Hussain Imam Hj Muhammad Ismail
Ng Hoong Phak
Terrence Thomas

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