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Q&A : 2 Months Old Baby

Dear Sir / Madam,My wife just recently gave birth to a baby boy & now he is 2 month old.I would like to know what vaccination should by baby receive from the day he was born.Please send me a list of vaccination which is compulsory & optional. Also the time when he has to take.


Q&A : Vaksin

Hampir semua kanak-kanak di negara ini telah menerima vaksinasi terhadap beberapa penyakit yang berbahaya. Dahulu, sebelum terdapatnya vaksin, beribu-ribu kanak-kanak telah menjadi lumpuh setiap tahun akibat polio. Rubella pula menjadi punca kecacatan kelahiran pada bayi baru lahir dan akhirnya menyebabkan kecacatan mental pada kanak-kanak tersebut.

Q&A : Vaccines

Virtually every child in this country is vaccinated against various dangerous diseases. Before the availability of vaccines ; every year thousands of children were paralysed from polio. Rubella would cause birth abnormalities in newborns who later became mentally retarded.
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