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Joint Statement - International Policy Statement for Universal Use of Kangaroo Mother Care for Preterm and Low Birthweight Infants

Dear IPA Member Societies,
Greetings from International Pediatric Association !!
We are pleased to inform you that the, 4 International Joint Statements was released on 15th February 2017 at Malawi.
»

Demise of Datuk Dr Paramesvaran

Dear colleagues,
The late Dato' Dr Sam Abraham & Datuk Dr Paramesvaran were two very senior colleagues who kept in close touch with me and I trust with some of you at a very personal level.
»

Dato' Dr Para, a past president of MPA, passed away peacefully Monday 18 August 2015

Dato' Dr Para, a past president of MPA, passed away peacefully Monday (18 Aug) 8 am in Sydney at the age of 78. Dato' had not been well but was able to continue with his daily living activities and to indulge in some of the pleasures of life
»

Surat Pekeliling KPK 8/2015: Pemberhentian Vaksin Oral Polio di Malaysia

Bersama-sama ini disertakan surat edaran berkaitan Pemberhentian Pemberian Vaksin Oral Polio (OPV) di Malaysia, untuk tindakan selanjutnya.
»

EV71 testing for HFMD

Dear Doctors,
Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) and herpangina are caused by different enteroviruses. Although the diagnosis is usually made clinically without identifying the virus, it is important to do so because enterovirus 71 (EV71) can potentially cause severe neurological disease. Malaysia experiences cyclical patterns of EV71 outbreaks every 3 years, and as the last outbreak occurred in 2012, an outbreak may occur in 2015.
»

Free Nationwide Trial Access to The Cochrane Library from 9 March until 24 April 2015

Wiley & The Cochrane Library supports Malaysia with free access to health & medical research. To support the post-flooding rebuilding efforts as well as the research community’s work on infectious diseases prevention, we are offering free access to The Cochrane Library from 9 March – 24 April 2015 for all residents in Malaysia.
»

IPAF Ihsan Dogramaci Research Award

A research award in honour of Prof. Dr. Ihsan Dogramaci, one of IPA’s pioneer leaders has been created. $20,000 USD will be made available for a research award to a paediatrician for a one-year project focusing on child health and/or child wellness.
»

Results of Phase III Trial on Dengue Vaccine in Latin America (CYD15) has been published in NEJM

The Phase III trial on the clinical safety and efficacy of a novel tetravalent dengue vaccine conducted in Latin America (CYD 15) is published in the New England Journal of Medicine. These results are consistent with the results of the Phase III multicentre study conducted in Asia (CYD14).
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