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Referrals for T2DM Patients Who Are Not Well-Controlled on Metformin Monotherapy for Phase III Clinical Trial

Sitagliptin, an investigational, oral medication, is being assessed for pediatric patients (10 - 17 years of age, inclusive) with T2DM who are inadequately controlled on metformin monotherapy. Sitagliptin - combined with metformin - will be compared to metformin monotherapy over a 20-week treatment period. All investigational medications, monitoring, and study-related care - including diet and exercise counseling and monitoring - will be provided at no cost.

Referrals for Newly Diagnosed or T2DM Patients With Inadequate Glycemic Control for Phase III Clinical Trial

With the rise of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) amongst pediatric patients, it is imperative to expand safe and effective treatment options. We are currently participating as investigators for a Phase III sitagliptin research study for pediatric patients with T2DM. As an investigator we would like to ask for your help with patient referrals.
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