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Polio News - December 2016

Dear polio eradication supporter,
The commitment of polio workers everywhere is a testament to the will of humanity to value and protect the health of every child. As we moved closer to eradication through 2016, this work continues to make a difference in the lives of children, and it remains an ultimate expression of human equity.
»

Polio News - October 2016

This month, the polio eradication programme recognised World Polio Day, marking progress against the disease and recommitting to the global goal of eradication. Following the recent setback in Nigeria, immunisation campaigns are ongoing across the region in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.
»

RotaFlash: Honoring progress and superheroes at Twelfth International Rotavirus Symposium

Two major meetings recently brought together scientists, advocates, and other global health stakeholders to review new research and strategize about public health agendas related to the prevention of rotavirus diarrhea.
»

Polio News - August 2016

This August, on the day that was to mark two years since the last case of wild polio in Africa, the Nigerian Government reported that two children had been paralysed by the disease in the country’s Borno state. As the Global Polio Eradication Initiative worked with governments in the region to immediately launch an emergency outbreak response, other areas of the world continued their efforts to end polio for good.
»

RotaFlash: New studies highlight tremendous health and economic benefits of rotavirus vaccination

Data from a new journal supplement reveal the widespread impact of rotavirus vaccines in preventing death and disease from rotavirus diarrhea in low-income countries around the world, while also highlighting the need for continued rollout of rotavirus vaccines given the burden of rotavirus that still remains.
»

Switch from trivalent OPV to bivalent OPV

The global polio programme made historic progress in 2015. We recorded fewer polio cases in fewer countries than ever before and took Nigeria off the list of polio-endemic countries, leaving only two – Pakistan and Afghanistan – that have not interrupted polio transmission.
»

ROTA Council White Paper

Diarrhea is one of the world’s leading causes of child illness and death, and rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhea. Every child everywhere is vulnerable. Each year, rotavirus diarrhea kills about 200,000 children in countries around the world (1, 2) and hospitalizes hundreds of thousands more, despite the fact that safe, effective vaccines exist that can protect children from this disease.
»

ROTA Council Monthly Progress Update January/February 2016

Welcome to the first ROTA Council progress update for 2016. Eight countries introduced rotavirus vaccines into their national immunization programs in 2015, but more than 90 million children still lack access to rotavirus vaccines.
»

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