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Dengue Vaccine in Malaysia

I refer to the Sun Daily report dated 3 Nov 2016 which headlined “Govt yet to approve dengue vaccine due to lack of info: Subra”
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Children of war: urgent action is needed to save a generation

Images, especially those published in mass and social media, paint a picture that no text or description can capture. Nowhere is this as evident as in recent wars where conflict has frequently had a child’s face, often going viral across the world.
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Finally, Proof That Anti-Vaxxers Are Likely Causing Outbreaks - Vocativ

Vaccines save lives - this is a matter of scientific consensus. They’re incredibly safe, they do not cause autism, and they prevent diseases that ravaged prior generations. But until now, we haven’t seen much evidence that parents who opt out of vaccines are causing any damage.
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New Autism Genes Discovered

The largest genetic study of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to date has identified 65 genes that contribute to autism, including 28 for which there is "very high confidence" that they play a role in the risk of developing ASD, a multicenter US research team reports.
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Changing Etiology of Bacteremia in Kids Poses New Challenges

The number of children presenting to the emergency department with bacteremia has decreased significantly over time, but when it does occur, the serious bacterial infection is increasingly healthcare-associated and resistant to empirical antibiotics, and healthcare-associated bacteremia is associated with increased length of stay, according to a new study.
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Measles Outbreak

In the United States, rates of measles, a vaccine-preventable disease, had been fairly low since the endemic spread of measles was eliminated in 2000. Before the routine use of the measles vaccine (1963) and the MMR vaccine (1971), though, measles cases -- and complications from those cases -- were high.
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HPV Vaccines

Some of you may have received an SMS blast from "anonymous" regarding the Adverse Effects of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine in Columbia. This person urged parents not to give their consent for HPV vaccination offered by the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia which has been part of our National Immunisation Program (NIP) since 2010.
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Legally-sanctioned hitting of children must stop - Amar-Singh HSS

Message by Amar-Singh HSS
Initially was traumatized & could not think about it.
Got a call from a senior editor of Malay Mail last night to do a write up & took the opportunity to summarize it.
Working with UNICEF to make representation.
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